A Focus on Details Makes a Big Impact for the Lincoln Potters

Updated: May 11, 2022

By CCL Reporter, Nicola Iannelli —

Summertime in Northern California for the Potters’ Baseball Club feels like a family reunion. Not only do the players and coaches anticipate the season, but so does the city of Lincoln and surrounding communities. Fans look forward to coming together each year at McBean Stadium to watch top-notch collegiate summer baseball, their favorite players, and of course, Piper the Mascot.

The Potters exude a sense of a family thanks in large part to their detailed approach to their work and the commitment of their staff members. It’s that positive environment that is created that makes summers so enjoyable. Not only do the players request to come back, but the host families also request to have the players stay with them again.

This upcoming season the Potters are welcoming back several members that starred in the 2021 campaign including CCL Showcase participants Jeffrey David (New Mexico), Quinton Hall, and Mason Holt (Louisiana Monroe). 

The bonds made between the players on and off the field are special.

Nolan Murphy, an assistant general manager and Potters alumnus, spoke on his personal experience as a player and member of the team. “To play for The Potters was very eye opening because of the fan base that Lincoln has. Being able to see people in the stands and have a minor league experience at the college level is immaculate,” said Murphy.

The Potters and General Manager, Matt Lundgren, are committed to offering players the best experience and consider their program as “a players’ program.” Lundgren describes how he has his players focus only on baseball and has their meals, travels, and most expenses covered so they can be fully focused on their development. The coaching and managing staff goes above and beyond to make sure every one of their players is taken care of.

Besides there being a close bond between the team and community, there is also a one between head coach Ryan Stevens and the team. Stevens is a decorated member of the baseball community and local to the Rocklin area. He has an impressive baseball career resume but has continued to add to it just this past year when he won his 100th game. Stevens values the relationships that grow from the unique opportunity of being called a coach. Nolan Murphy shared how he keeps in contact throughout the year with Stevens and so do the other players of the team.

Thanks to the Potters Baseball Club, the city of Lincoln and the players have something to look forward to every summer. With the start of the season and summer quickly approaching, the Potters are ready to be back in action and compete for the 2022 CCL State Championship. 

Photo courtesy of Sara Nevis